Create Your “About Me” Page to build genuine connections in business.

Your “About Me” page is one of the best tools in your website. It is a place where you can give a little insight into the real you, what you believe in, and how you came to be in the business you are in.

The best way to do this is to craft a compelling story your website visitors want to read. By sharing your journey of how you came to be where you are, you are in fact demonstrating that you understand their needs. You understand the struggle they are facing and the problem they need to solve. You are demonstrating that you have been in their shoes and know exactly how to make things better. It is this reassurance your ideal customers are looking for.

Take a look at these 5 steps to get you started in building your story in the most genuine way.

1. Define your why

The first step in your journey to share your unique story is to discover your “why”. I know this is that is tossed around a lot in the business world. But before you roll your eyes and say, “Not this again,” take a moment to think about why you keeping hearing the words, “Find your why.”

Discovering your why is in many ways like finding the battery that keeps you going in all areas of your life. It is your “why” that has you giving your very best, even when you are exhausted. It is your “why” that has you trying again, and again, and again, even when your brain says, “I’m done!” And most importantly it is your “why” that has you focused on being the very best you can be for your customers. This is where you passion lies and it is that passion that your customers will appreciate.

2. Your “behind the scenes” story

Your unique background will appeal to your ideal client in a way that no one else’s will. This isn’t just the steps you took to build your business, it is the personal struggle you went to create the better life you were dreaming about.

Everyone struggles at some point. Even it if the struggle was learning to design gorgeous bathrooms on a budget. Sharing that struggle will resonate with your ideal customers, and might just become the inspiration they need to make the changes they have been dreaming about.

3. Define Your Mission

Your mission defines who you are, what you do, and who you are here to serve. It a guide post to help you determine which new ideas are worth pursuing and which ones will only serve to be distractions, enabling you to share clearly what you do and how you can help your customers. It is your mission that is at the very core of  your unique story.

4. Your USP – Unique Selling Proposition

What sets you apart from all the other businesses in your industry? Why would someone buy from you, when there are so many other choices? The answer is simple, really: Because none of those other people are you! None of your competitors have your personality. They do not have your experience. None of them have your insights. And none of them have your story. Truthfully, it’s that last one that will really resonate with your ideal client. By sharing your story in an authentic, personable way, you’ll make an immediate connection with your audience.

5. Identifying Your Ideal Client

Perhaps the biggest mistake entrepreneurs make is in thinking that their product or program or service is “for everyone.” That’s simply not the case. Your ideal client is as unique as you are. Take some time identifying clearly who your ideal customer is. You can even write their story to make them feel more real to you, making it easier for the to connect with you.

Final words of advice…

Those who are looking for you aren’t looking for a professional resume. At least not right away. They want to connect with a person they feel is a good fit for them, and the person you are can only be shared by sharing an intimate part of you. Share your story, and you will genuinely create your brand.

Need some inspiration?

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