September 19, 2023

Which AI Tools are the Best? We put them to the Test!

As you probably know, ChatGPT is our favorite and the one we use for our courses as well as in our own marketing research. But the world of AI technology is evolving fast so we decided to see other options available. Upon our initial search we came up with six “top rated” platforms to try, and I admit it was fun seeing how the other platforms are shaping up. Some have been added to our “favorite” list and others, didn’t quite make the cut. See what we discovered below…

Setting up Our Test…

To make our test fair and comparable, we used one of our previous conversations with ChatGPT — Client Avatar Insights — as the template for testing each platform.

Here is a look that different platforms we tested, and how we feel each performed.

Microsoft Bing AI Chat 

Rated as one of the best AI tools in our initial research we were excited to test the Microsoft AI chat option out, and were severely disappointed. Where ChatGPT and Google Bard offered actual insights into our client avatar as a person, Microsoft simply gave us suggestions as to the type of research we should do. When asked more probing questions it repeated itself but gave no new insights.

RATING: Not a fan!
Here is a quick list of what we did like…
  • It was easy to ask a question
Here is a quick list of what we did NOT like…
  • Kept regenerating it’s response before we could ask a follow up question
  • When we were able to ask a follow up, it offered no new insights
  • We reached our daily limit of questions after only 3 questions

Not a very productive research journey, especially when there are other tools our there that we love.

Google Bard 

I admit I was one of the first to sign up for Google Bard when it became available in March 2023. And initially I was not very impressed with the responses. It was technical and did not have the easy conversational flow that ChatGPT offers. But all that has changed in the past few months!

RATING: New favorite! 
Here is a quick list of what we did like…
  • Super easy to use
  • Loved the new conversational way our research flowed when using Google Bard
  • It offered different perspectives that ChatGPT on the questions we asked, offering valuable new insights
Here is a quick list of what we did NOT like…
  • Nothing! We think Google has done a great job shaping their AI platform and will start using it a lot more often.

Perplexity AI

The results we got initially with Perplexity AI were very similar to that of Microsoft Bing AI, pretty generic with just a list of things we should research. However, when asking more probing questions Perplexity AI did offer some valuable insights.

RATING: One to watch 
Here is a quick list of what we did like…
  • Results to our questions also shared direct links to supporting articles
Here is a quick list of what we did NOT like…
  • It could not answer all of my questions
  • Was a little generic in some answers

So while Perplexity did not make our new favs list, it is one we will test out again in the future.

Jasper AI

I have heard good things about Jasper so I was interested in trying it out. Unfortunately to do so you have to sign up for a subscription starting at $39. You do get a 7 day free trial but only after entering your payment information.

RATING: Not a fan
Here is a quick list of what we did like…
  • Hard to say, as we didn’t test it. With free versions out there that already work great, we saw no reason in paying for the information.
Here is a quick list of what we did NOT like…
  • No free version available
  • Payment information required for trial version

While I can appreciate this approach as a business owner, I also would have loved to see a little bit of what Jasper could do without having to enter payment details.

PI Your personal AI

PI, Your Personal AI was a surprising and refreshing approach to AI Technology. More than any other tool this one made me feel seen, heard and validated.

RATING: New favorite! 
Here is a quick list of what we did like…
  • It’s responses were empathetic and compassionate
  • It had an audio component you could turn on with voice options
  • I felt like I was having a real conversation with a life coach
  • Fabulous for personal use and journal prompting
Here is a quick list of what we did NOT like…
  • Nothing! I really loved the platform and think it is a great tool for personal use.

While I won’t recommend this platform for business research (unless maybe for you life coaches out there) I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is wanting to do some serious in depth journaling about life.


This was the last platform we attempted to test, and we didn’t get far. Before being directed to the Chatsonic website we received a message in Google Chrome stating,  “Before you continue… consider installing Ad Block Zen extension” if I am being pre-warned of ads I think I’ll pass and stick with what works.  And we are not sharing a link here for this reason.

What’s Your Favorite AI Tool?

Now we’d love to hear from you! What have you tested, and what do you like? Shoot us an email at and tell us about your experiences!


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