When you know what your customers are actually saying it is easier to speak their language…

Marketing is one of the most important things you can invest in as a small business owner. As a small business owner, especially one just starting out, you know this, just as clearly as you know it just may not be in the budget right now.

You are prepared to rely on your own creativity and cleverness to get things started until you can afford to hire someone to help out, but where do you begin? You know you want to connect in the most authentic way, which isn’t always easy when you’re doing it alone.

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Video Recap

When it comes to writing copy for our website, it is easy to get caught up in the tangle of marketing lingo. There is often a lot of focus put into striving to be clever and creative, and we often put too much focus on catchy phrases. I have even seen some instances where small businesses latch onto buzz word to the point that they forget what they are actually saying.

When this happens we begin to lose site of what our customers actually need. We lose sight on why it is that they need us and if we aren’t careful they will lose sight of us.

Instead of striving to be clever and creative, I recommend starting off with just having a conversation with your website visitors. Those who are looking for exactly what you have to offer are going to stick around and discover more about you.

The best way I have found to connect with what my ideal customers are actually saying it to practice having the conversations around how I can support them.

Practice being conversational…

Start with a little visualization

Imagine having a cup of coffee with your ideal customer and listening to them. As you imagine this conversation, think about the actual words they are using. Words that share the pain points they are experiencing, or the struggles they are facing. Words that share what they desire, and the energy you feel from those words that share with you what it is they actually need.

Now think about how you would respond in a way that shows that you understand their needs. How would you show support, encouragement and compassion? Think about the actual words you would say.

Have the conversation out loud

Now that you have gone through this in your mind, I recommend having the conversation out loud. Grab your phone, open up the recording feature and hit record. Go through the conversation you just imagined playing the role of the customer and you. Give this conversation all you’ve got just like you would if it were happening for real.

Once you are done, listen to your recording and jot down the words and phrases that jump out to you the most. These are YOUR buzz words and phrases, and exactly what you should be using in the copy of your website.

Doing this exercise on your own is really powerful, more than you probably imagine in the moment as you are sitting there thinking, “Teresa I am not going to talk to myself.”  So find a quiet place where you know you’ll be alone and give it a try. No one will ever know you were talking to yourself!

Partner up for more insight…

After you have done this exercise at least once, reach out to someone from your networking or masterminds groups that understands the struggles of being an entrepreneur. Go through the exercise above allowing them to play the role of the customer. Record this conversation as well, and listen to the replay.

Once again jot down the words and phrases that jump out to you the most. What was similar, and how can you use this in your website copy?



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