Have you ever answered the question, “What does your website say about you?”

If I were to ask you right now, “what does your website say about you?” would you be able to answer with 100% honesty? Most people would say yes, but when I drill down and ask a few more direct questions their confidence begins to fade a little. Questions like…

  1. What business hours do you have listed?
  2. When are you available?
  3. What services or products are listed?
  4. What contact information do you have listed?
  5. Have you listed the best way to reach you?

It’s not uncommon for someone to answer with, “I am not sure…” and when this happens I have to ask, “Are you sure you have the right information representing you and your business?” The answers to these questions sets clear expectations as to what you do and when you are do it, and leaves little to no confusion. And we all know that when someone is confused, they will probably click the back button and leave.

Changes happen all the time…

Odds are your business has changed since you launched. Business hours may have been adjusted, consultation times changed, and services updated. Your best method of contact may have changed, and may not even be listed on your website!

This is why it is important to review your website content and make sure it up to date. The bonus here is that by making yourself familiar with your website content, and all the information you share you will feel more confident talking about your business as well.

Quick Tips for Doing a Website Review…

If what I am sharing resonates with you at all, don’t stress. The past is in the past, and it is right now in the moment that you can change things. And to help you out I’ve got a quick and easily little checklist of things to check.

  1. Does what you do appear clearly above the fold (meaning your visitors don’t have to scroll to see it?)
  2. Have you provided clear direction on how to take action?
  3. Is your contact information clear and easy to find?
  4. Are your business hours up to date (don’t forget your holiday policy)
  5. Are your products and services up-to-date?

Simplify this check every more by doing just one item a day for five days. By the end of one business week, you will have a website that you can feel confident about.

Want to take it one step further?

Once that is done, give yourself a high five and roll up your sleeves for round two, because this is where things can get interesting!

  1. Google yourself!
  2. Go to every website where your information is shared
  3. Update what you can on your own to match your website
  4. Email the owners of the website that don’t allow you to make updates.

Last but not least, make a no-break calendar appointment with yourself for three to six months from now to get out there and review everything again. Doing so puts you back in charge of what the world knows about you.



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