5 Simple Tips For Using Your Website To Get Ahead Your Competition

Today in our lovely digital world, getting a new website is easy. With all of the DIY sites creators, and quick template solutions available, almost everyone has a website. And while I love that it is so easy for everyone to create an online presence, it does make it harder for your website to stand out from the rest. So let’s take a look at a few tips to help you use your website to get ahead of your competition.

1. Think of the user experience

True, your website is there to showcase you, but it is also there to create an experience for your potential customers. By investing time and money into creating clean designs, easy-to-read font combinations, and imagery that tells the story of what you can do, you are creating an experience that is going to stand out in the crowd.

And while many of you are thinking, I will do that when things slow down, think of this… your website is already creating an experience for your visitors, and it may not be the experience that has them reaching out! So you may want to schedule this in a little sooner than “someday.”

2. Focus on your SEO

Here is an aspect of website design that is often overlooked, and yet it can definitely put you ahead of the competition. In fact you would be surprised by how many people give little to no attention to their SEO.

So put some thought into the keywords that help you stand out. If you need a little help, WordStream is a free and easy to use resource that can help you identify keywords and phrases based on your topic and industry.

Don’t stop at research! Put those keywords to use and add them where they are needed most.

  • Page/Post titles
  • Subtitles
  • 1st paragraph of a page/post
  • Meta description
  • Image alt tags

If you are feeling overwhelmed by SEO, hiring an SEO expert is always your best approach, but if that isn’t in the cards for you right now, check out my free course library where I teach you how to configure your onsite SEO.

3. Create clear and compelling content

I want to let you in on a little secret… your website content isn’t about you, at least not entirely.

Sure you and what you do is going to be in that content, but the true purpose of your website content to share what is relevant to your dream customer. Content that speaks directly to them and presents you as the expert they need in their life.

Building your website around clear and compelling content is going to strengthen your brand identity, support SEO, and enhance your website visitors experience. All of which leads to more sales for you.

4. Update your website frequently

Your business is always evolving which means the content on your website should be evolving as well. If not, when a potential customer comes across old and out dated information you stand the chance of losing credibility and as well as a new client.

I recommend updating your website content anytime to you make a major change to your business. I also recommend doing regular quarterly reviews just to make sure even the smallest details are updated on a regular basis. By doing it quarterly, you can break your website up into small sections giving the ability to review and update a little at a time. This makes the whole process less overwhelming and much more manageable.

5. Create a little breathing room with white space

Repeat after me… WHITE SPACE IS NOT BAD.

The white space on your website the pause given to your website visitors allowing them a moment to process and understand what you are sharing.

It allows the really important information to stand out and be noticed without the annoying flashing lights shouting “LOOK HERE!”

It is a breath of comfort in an otherwise chaotic digital world. But don’t just take my word for it. Pop on over to your favorite newsroom website like CNN or MSN News. These sites have something shouting out at their website visitors from every section of the screen. There is nothing calm or relaxing about them.

And while we expect the crazy from these news sites, I would venture to guess that your website visitors are hoping you make their lives a little better, and not add to the chaos.

Looking for a second set of eyes?

I know that it is easy to miss things when we are looking at our own websites. Even I have other people I can call on to review my site when I make big changes.

So if you are looking for a little help, and not sure where to turn I want to let you know that I am here for you. In fact, I offer a free mini website audit that provides you with incredible detail and quick easy action steps.

If is this sounds like something you need, click here to get started. 

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