February 6, 2024

Developing a Strong Interior Design Portfolio

estimated reading time: 3-5 minutes. 

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Why You Should Skip the 'Before' Images

When I team up with interior designers, my mission is crystal clear: help them showcase their designs in a way that makes their dream clients swoon. Your online portfolio is like the stage for your masterpiece, and believe me, how you present it matters—a lot.

One common belief I encounter a lot is that starting your portfolio with "Before" images is the way to really show off the transformation of the space. But today I want to share three compelling reasons why I recommend you skip the “Before” photos and just share the best of the project.  

1. Focus on the Transformation

The whole reason behind sharing your interior design projects is to highlight the incredible changes you've made. When you start off by sharing the "Before" pictures, what you're really showcasing is the chaos before you brought order, function and beauty to the space.

Those messy "Before" images more often than not distract your website visitors. While they might click through your stunning "After" photos you share, a part of their mind will still be stuck in the clutter. 

Solution? Hit delete on those "Before" photos. Clear the stage for your viewers to enjoy the finished space without any unwanted distractions.

2. Emphasize Your Expertise

Your portfolio is your personal design anthem—a showcase of your originality, talent, and ability to turn ideas into reality. Want to convey that you're not just a designer but a creative collaborator? Stick to showcasing only the final product.

Your dream clients want someone who can bring their ideas to life. A portfolio featuring only your best work sends a clear message, “My talents extend well beyond design! I am an expert in the work I do." 

It's a deliberate display that exudes confidence in your skills and establishes you as an expert in your craft.

3. Creating a Strong First Impression:

In the competitive world of interior design, first impressions are vital. Your online portfolio is often the first look potential clients have with your work. Make it count by curating a gallery of your absolute best work.

A portfolio without "Before" photos transforms into a carefully selected showcase of your finest creations. Imagine a prospective client browsing through a collection of accomplishments without the distracting visuals of the original state. It's a power move that creates a positive impression right from the get-go.

Skip the "Before" shots and let your final designs take center stage

In my role as a web designer collaborating with interior designers, I wholeheartedly encourage the intentional removal of "Before" photos from your website portfolio. This strategic decision ensures that your transformations get the spotlight they deserve, amplifies your design prowess, and leaves a lasting first impression.

Craft a portfolio that captivates, impresses, and sets you up for success in the dynamic world of interior design. 

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