Ensure your website is always at it’s best with these 5 easy tips for simple website maintenance!

One of the mistakes a lot of small business owners make when it comes to their website, is once it is built that walk away.  Sure they may post blogs, but that is about all they do to keep their site up, running and working for them.  So today I thought I would share with you my top 5 easy tips for simple website maintenance.

Website Review 

This is a huge step in maintaining the gorgeous website that represents you, and it only takes a little bit of time.  Once every month or so hop on and read the text on your pages looking for spelling and grammar errors.  Double check the links and make sure they are all doing what you want them to do.  Take a look at images and resize them to something smaller if they are taking forever to load.

If this is something you don’t have time to do, then I suggest considering a professional.  Betty with Mainstay Editorial Services is who we use to review our content and make sure that everything looks amazing!

Remove unused plug-ins

Plugins are a necessary part of your WordPress site, and while building your website, you no doubt installed quite a few.  Some of which may no longer be in use.  Removing these is going to speed up your site, ensuring that everything loads more quickly.  It also will reduce the potential compatibility issues that may arise.

If you aren’t sure if the plugin is in use or not, I recommend simply deactivating it and doing a website review to make sure everything looks good.  I would also keep it for a few days and monitor your website’s performance just to be safe it isn’t actually needed.  Once you are sure you don’t need it… delete it! 

Make sure your plug-ins are compatible

As WordPress updates, plugins must update as well.  This can introduce compatibility issues.  If the creator of your plugin is on top of things, they will know if their plugin is compatible or not as soon as WordPress releases and update, and they will get to work on any potential issues right away.

But not all creators are on top of things, so I suggest checking for compatibility issues on anything that you are using, and remove any causing issues.  I will also add that if you follow my tips for Finding the Right WordPress Plugin, you shouldn’t run into to many if any issues.

Remove unused themes

Sometimes while we are working on creating the perfect website, we may try out different WordPress themes, but once you find the perfect theme to do what you need, remove the extras! Having these installed on your website is only going to slow things down.

If you don’t love your theme, check out my tips for finding your Perfect WordPress Theme!

Remove unused images

Images are a great way to increase the over all look and feel of your website, and sometimes it takes a few tries before finding the perfect one.  Of course it is always easiest to remove the image as soon as you are aware you won’t be using it, but just in case that doesn’t happen, scan through your media library every once in a while and delete the ones that aren’t in use.


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