Susie was so surprised to learn discover how many were interested in her services!

Who’s going to really want my services,” Susie shared with me over a cup of coffee, and I understood her fear. As a metaphysical practitioner and healer, living in a small farming town she was often misunderstood. It’s tough to be different in a small town, and tough to show you are even interested in what is different.

Susie was used to people giving her strange looks when she talked about her holistic practice. She was used to people being afraid to show interest. This “fear of something new” she faced every day began boxing her in, and making her question her talents, gifts and strengths. And she started to forget one basic truth for everyone.

The world needs her and her unique talents and gifts! 

I know from experience that Susie is an incredible healer. She is a a life long student with a strong understanding and extensive knowledge in science, intuition and metaphysics. She can explain the mystical with plain every day language and does so with a kind and generous heart. I have seen all of this clearly for years, yet I could also see Susie still had doubts she was needed.

I know we hear that phrase, “The world needs you!” pretty often, especially as you scroll social media feeds, and I believe it is 100% true. But I also know the words themselves aren’t often enough to push us out of our comfort zone. So when I could see the doubt in Susie’s eyes, I knew I needed to speak to the scientist in her and provide proof for what I knew.

The fact of how much she is needed. 

In the last year since building her website, Susie has taken a giant step back from business. Her social media presence is practically non-existent, she has written no blogs, and hasn’t attended any events to promote her business. Yet despite her effort to hide from the world Susie has been discovered. Take a look at these website statistics that prove she is needed. Susie has had

  • 31,183 visits to her website
  • 2,395 in the past 30 days
  • 62 today alone!

Talk about proof that people are looking for exactly what you have to offer!

She averages 2,600 visits a month and they just keep finding her. Despite her choice to hide.

When I shared these numbers with Susie she knew she couldn’t ignore that basic truth any longer. The world needs her and it is time to take the step that is terrifying her the most. Susie knew it was time to show up for herself and the world.

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