Clarify your boundaries through the pages of your website

With the New Year underway, we are all busy setting intentions and goals for an abundant and wildly successful year ahead.  All of this is great, fabulous and wonderful, but not quite enough! If we don’t set some clear boundaries along the way we are going to turn our determination and drive into serious burnout!

1. Be clear about what you do at the VERY TOP of your homepage!

When we are vague about what we do, those visiting our website will make assumptions that might not be true, and ask for services that are “close” enough. Having someone ask for something that is “close enough” can be super tempting to accept, and soon we find ourselves doing things that we don’t really want to do. So be clear, not clever, or creative.

2. Be clear how you can be reached

Having a brick and mortar store makes this easy. You have a location where people can show up and connect with you, but this isn’t the only avenue you can be reached. Think about how you want your customers and clients to connect with you? Do you want them to call, stop in, or email? Maybe you’d like to have a consultation with them that is fully dedicated to focusing on them and their needs.

Whatever works best for you is what you should list, and nothing else! Having multiple avenues for people to reach you is not making yourself more available, it is just giving yourself more things to do.

3. Be clear when you are available

Again, when we have a brick and mortar store this can be an easy one as you have set business hours posted.  But if you are in the service based industry, especially one that works with people across the nation or the globe, those business hours lines can become fuzzy quick if we aren’t clear.

Set your business hours and identify them on your website, either on your homepage, footer area or contact page. That is when you are available to work with customer and clients. Make exceptions outside of these boundaries is to blur the lines and before you know it you are making yourself always available.

Being always available isn’t accommodating, it is exhausting!

 One of the keys to success… BOUNDARIES! 

Remember that when you are setting clear boundary lines in your business and especially communicating that through your website you are giving yourself a little self love and care. It is that self love and care that is going to keep you going through the tough times in business and bring you that much closer to the success you crave!

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