If you don’t have a plan in place to repurpose your blog what is the point of writing it?

So you my friend have made the commitment to blog, now it is time to create a plan to repurpose your blog and squeeze every last drop of brilliance out of it to be used in your marketing materials.

1. Create Social Media Content

I have no doubt that throughout your blog you have golden nuggets of wisdom that you can easily convert into social media content. Content such as

  • Image posts highlighting your topic
  • Quotes of things you said that just worth sharing again and again
  • Key highlights of your post you can share in a carousel scroll
  • Tips and How to’s
  • Little tidbits of inspiration

Simply scan your blog post and grab the words that jump out at you, then head over to Canva and start creating.

2. Elaborate on your topic to your email list

Blog posts are great content for your email subscribers, especially when you can take the topic and make it a little more personal in a way that connects to your audience.

  • Share the story behind the post and what inspired you
  • Take the sections you decided not to include and personalize them
  • Share what you were thinking when you wrote the post
  • Expand on the key elements of your blog and create a series

3. Create a list of potential video topics

I know video is not for everyone, but it has been the most powerful marketing tool I have ever used. Videos are powerful in the way that they allow our viewers to get to see and know the real person behind the blog. They showcase our personality as well as our passions and make us more relatable.

Even if you only blog once a month you have the content to create an entire video series. Here is how I use my blog to create videos:

  • Share a video specifically talking about the blog itself.
  • Take the key points of my blog and break them down into individual topics
  • Share an unpopular opinion I have that inspired the blog post
  • Create Tech tips and Best Practice Advice videos to share

The possibilities are endless.

4. Podcast Pitching

Are you looking to be a guest on a podcast? Your blog posts make great topics can easily be turned into podcast topics. Plus once you get on the podcast you have yet another avenue for sharing your blog and all the goodies contained inside.

I myself keep a Google document handy that breaks out topics I could chat about so when I come across a podcast I’d love to be a guest on I am ready with instant topics I could share. This doesn’t have to be anything elaborate. Just a document that captures

  • Topic title
  • Description
  • Basic Outline

5. Create a Content Bank

Once you really get into blogging you are going to have so much wisdom to share, and you don’t want to lose sight of it. That is where creating a content bank comes into play.

Simply copy the tasty tidbits from your blog post that you know are worth sharing again and again and add them to a document you titled Content Bank. Then in the future when you are looking for social media inspiration or feel you are short on content you have a place to go that has already captured your brilliance.

Putting all these pieces together can be overwhelming, but I am here to help!

Mastering the art of repurposing my content was a huge game changer for me early on in my business, and over the years I have become a master at squeezing every last drop of brilliance out of my blog posts.

And I am sharing exactly how I do it in my new course Repurposing Your Blog Content. This course shares my behind the scenes and the documents I use to stay organized.  Find this new course and others in my Free Course Library!

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My friend I have been in your shoes, and I know what it is like to have more time than money. I have poured a lot of blood, sweat and tears into my business and I have learned some tough lessons. If I can help make your journey a little easier, then great! After all we are all better when we work together to support each other.

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