3 benefits when you refresh, renew & revitalize your website.

Today I am putting on my Life Coaching hat to talk about the personal benefits we all receive when we allow ourselves to take a step back and look at things through fresh eyes.


Video recap

Today for just a moment let’s change the way we look at our website. Rather than see it as a painful chore, or something we never have time for. Why not see it as a vital part of our business. One that creates online relationships, connects to those we are here to serve and bring new life into our business.

Go ahead, pause take a breath and do this…

Now that you can see your website as a vital part of your business, I have no doubt that you can see why it too deserves a little of your love and attention. And here’s the best part …

When you take the time to give your website a little loving care, you receive incredible emotional benefits too! And the first on is…


Taking a close intimate look at your website allows you to see all of the amazing things you have accomplished. As we go about our normal day, it is easy to get bogged down with doubts and fears. We question if we are good enough, doing enough, charging too much. We focus on every tiny little mistake we make.  And we beat ourselves up for not being perfect.

But when we take a look at what we have created from a different point of view, it is hard to deny how amazing we truly are. All of the things we have created, the struggles we’ve overcome, the tough choices we make… all of this comes flooding back to us and the result is we stand just a little bit taller. Full of confidence.


Seeing what we have done, what we have created we can’t help but be inspired to add to the amazing that already exists in our business.  We begin to think of new ways we can add to our current business offerings, whether it be new products or services, or simply new levels to what we do already. The ideas of change and improvement flow as if a flood gate has been opened.


As new ideas begin to flow through our mind we become energized with the possibilities before us. We start thinking of how we can make these new ideas a reality and find creative ways to juggle our already busy schedules to make room for more. Maybe we hand things off to those we trust or add let go of other things we no longer need to do. There is no end to what we can accomplish with our renewed sense of energy.

The greatest benefit of all…

In these moments of true self awareness of all that we have done, and all that we have accomplished, we feel a sense of happiness that wasn’t there before. As I said a moment ago it is easy to get caught up in the doubts and fears of being a business owner. But as the renewed confidence, inspiration, and motivation flow through us we
feel an incredible renewed sense of happiness in the life we have created. It is in this moment that we know it has all been worth it. It is in this moment that we feel true success.


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