It’s not just finding a Web Designer, its about finding the right Web Designer for you!

A few weeks ago, I had a lovely conversation with some entrepreneurs in one of the Facebook groups I am in, about finding the right web design platform to use. That conversation inspired my post last week, You Need a Website… Now What?, but it also inspired this week’s post! There was one comment that grabbed my attention, mainly because I know there are plenty of you out there who are over the DIY website scene. And I want to give you all a little help to find the right Web Designer for you.

So, here’s the comment that inspired this week’s post…

From experience, let me tell you, it is worth every penny to hire a professional web designer. That is their specialty and they do it every day. Our specialty is Interior Design, so we should focus on that. ~Debbie

So if you find yourself at a point in your business and life where you agree with Debbie, I thought I would share with you my top 10 Questions to ask the web designer you are looking to work with… even if it is me ?.

Top 10 Questions to Ask to Find the right Web Designer Before for YOU…

1. What design platforms do you use?

A simple question perhaps, but there are designers out there who will say, “I can work in anything.” And that may be true, but are they really good at working in anything? Most designers have their favorites, and while they can work in multiple platforms, their specialty is going to be in one, maybe two.

If their specialty isn’t in the design platform that is best for you, then they most likely aren’t the designer for you! (Want to know which design platform best fits you and your business needs? Take the Website Design Discovery Quiz to find out!) 

2.What is included in your design package?

Every website designer I know does this differently, so you need to know. Do they offer onsite SEO or is that extra? Do they connect your Google Analytics? What about stock images? Will they help with that or do you have to purchase or find the ones you want to use? Do they provide hosting or do you pay for this separately? Get as much detail as you can as to what is included in the design package up front so expectations are clear on all sides.

3. What would you need from me to get started?

This is not the conversation about payment (see below) it’s about providing what your web designer will need to create the website you are dreaming of.

In order for your web designer to create a design that truly represents you and your business they are going to need information from you. Information such as your service descriptions, about me page and contact information. Images that showcase what you are doing to make your corner of the world a better place, and more.

Some web designers will help you put this information together, or have a copy writer on hand to offer assistance. Others will completely leave this up to you, and offer little to no assistance. Understanding your needs, as well as what they offer is key here, so that the working relationship with your designer is a positive one.

4. What do I need to do to help make sure the project finishes on time?

There are going to be things you need to do to help the designer finish your website design project on time. Things like reviewing pages, approving imagery and testing how the website functions and flows from the eyes of your customer. Knowing what they expect from you, and the time frame they expect it in, is important to you both, and to the success of your website launch.

5. What is the timeline of the project?

Knowing when your web designer will get started, can help you ensure you allow time in your calendar to respond. This is doing those things you agreed to do in #3. Also, you want to have a solid idea of when the project will finish so you can plan for the launch of your website. And yes you want to launch it in a big way. After all it is an investment in your business so you have to let people know about the new site! (Check out this post Launch Your Website Like a Pro!)

6. What is the process for changes and revisions?

Once you see the initial draft of your website, you are going to want to make changes. This is all part of the design process, and a necessary part. Getting a clear understanding of how the change process works with your designer is key. For example, how many revisions do they offer? Is there a limit? How long are they available to make changes? Are they available after launch to make adjustments and changes?

7. What is the best way to communicate?

Your website designer is no doubt working with quite a few customers at one time. So they have a system in place to communicate in the way that is truly best for them. This isn’t a control issue, this is a “I need to stay organized!” decision. So ask them, what is the best way to communicate, especially in terms of making changes to the website, or getting technical support after the website is launched.

8. What are the payment terms?

Again, every designer has their way of doing this, so ask them what their terms are. Is there a set project fee, or is the work done on a hourly basis? Is there a fee up front such as a retainer? When is the final payment do? Is there fees for maintenance and updates after launch? Are there any other fees I will need to pay aside from your design fee? Are their any add-ons I need to be aware of? All of these questions are going to help you make the right decision for you.

9. How do we share Project Files?

Your website design project is going to have files. The content that goes on your website, branding information, logos, images, etc. Knowing how you will be sharing these back and forth is good to know, so that you are able to share easily with each other in a way that is comfortable for you both.

10. What happens after the launch of my website?

This is probably one of the most important and unasked questions out there. Some designers simply build your website and are done. They may allow for changes for a short time, but they aren’t necessarily going to be there in 6 months or a year. And if you are going to have a WordPress site built there are things that need to be done on a regular basis, so you need to know if your web designer is going to build and leave, or be around to support you for years to come.

Want a little help remembering these questions?

Here is a quick little fillable pdf download I made to help you remember these questions when it comes time to find the right Web Designer for you! No email address required, just a friendly little gift between friends❤️  Click here to download.


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