The simplest way to protect your business online

There are so many ways to protect your business online. From apps, software to scanning services, each having their benefits and costs. Today I wanted to share with you one of the simplest and most effective ways to protect your business online, and the best part is it doesn’t cost a thing! STRONG PASSWORDS!

Before your groan and hit the back button, take a breath and read on just a little bit more. Passwords don’t have to be a source of frustration. In fact passwords can be motivating, easy to remember and secure all at the same time!

Make your password motivating…

One of my favorite sources for password inspiration is my own personal goals and intentions, motivational sayings or mantra. I love coming up with a phrase that focuses my mind on success and kicking butt at my goals.

For example, when I launched my web design business my goal was to create WOW worthy designs, so I used this statement as inspiration..

I create WOW worthy Web Designs.

Make your password easy to remember.

The first key to making your password easy to remember is to keep it simple. My initial inspirational statement isn’t complicated,  but it is one that could be said in multiple ways.

  • I create WOW with my web Designs.
  • I create WOW web designs.
  • I create WOW with every design.
  • Creating WOW worthy web designs

To keep it simple I went with statement Creating WOW Designs.

Make your password secure…

Now it is time to make my password a secure password. Creating a secure password requires a combination of numbers, letters, capitalization and punctuation or special characters. Each system will have its own rules but by following these steps I have always been able to create a password that fits even the toughest of rules.

Step 1: Remove the spaces. Most systems do not allow spaces in your password anyway so there is no point in adding them in.


Step 2: Add capitals. While not every system requires capitals many do so adding them in helps ensure you have everything you need. It’s common practice to capitalize the first word, but feel free to mix things up and capitalize the middle. Since I was already capitalizing “WOW” that is exactly what I did…


Step 3: Add in numbers. Another common requirement is numbers. Many people use birthdates, anniversary dates and phone numbers for this but as that is all common knowledge it really doesn’t help with security.

I recommend using number substitutions for letters, like using a 1 for and L or I, a 3 for an E or a 0 for o.

  • cr3at1ngW0Wd3s1gns
  • cr3atingW0Wd3signs
  • creat1ngW0Wdes1gns

Another trick I’ve used is using “sounds like” substitutions, like using the number 8 to spell create.


One last trick I have used is to add the date I created the password so I know how old it is. You don’t want to just add the year on the end however as this too is easy to guess. I suggest something like this…


On this example I added the date at the end in the YYMMDD format, creating a random string of numbers that has actual meaning to me.

Step 4: adding punctuation and special characters. As we are working with common phrases I say why not add in the punctuation you would use as well.


Another trick is to use look alike characters as a substitution for letters. Something like this…


The Genius Behind Your Password

By using key phrases that are motivating you are planting little seeds of motivation each time you type in your password. And by using these variations I now have a password that means something to me so it is easy to remember and by adding in these substitutions it appears to be a random string of characters making it secure and harder to crack which creates a win win situation for everyone!

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