Lead Magnet Template: The AirBnB Welcome Book


Empower your interior design clients to create a welcoming and informative guest experience with our ‘AirBnB Welcome Book’ template. This comprehensive resource, crafted as a lead magnet for interior designers, provides a streamlined solution to swiftly craft an engaging and informative welcome booklet, ensuring guests understand the property, its amenities, and the surrounding area.

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As an interior designer, your goal is to not only design spaces but to ensure an exceptional guest experience. This guide isn’t just a resource; it’s a strategic tool that educates your clients on creating an attractive and informative welcome booklet that enhances their guests’ understanding and appreciation of the property.

What you’ll find inside:

  • Quick Creation of Attractive Welcome Booklets: Guide your clients through the creation of an attractive and concise welcome booklet that succinctly introduces the property, its amenities, and the local area. This ensures that guests feel welcomed and informed from the moment they arrive.
  • Understanding the Property and Amenities: Encourage a clear and informative presentation of the property’s interior design and amenities within the welcome book. Help clients showcase the unique aspects of the design and the facilities available for their guests.
  • Insight into the Surrounding Area: Assist in providing information about the surrounding area, such as local attractions, restaurants, and important points of interest. This enhances the guest experience by offering valuable local knowledge.