Lead Magnet Template: Good, Better, Best Guide


Empower your interior design services with our “Good, Better, Best Guide” as a valuable lead magnet, enhancing the remodeling experience and equipping them for the road ahead!

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Share this planner with new potential clients, existing clients, as well as through networking with realtors and mortgage lenders in your area as a free guide they can offer to their clients.

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  • 100% customizable templates
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This ‘Good, Better Best Guide’ isn’t just a resource; it’s a strategic guide that educates and empowers your clients to understand the investment for their upcoming design projects. Share this resource with potential clients through your website or those you are already working with to open a honest and real conversation about their design project investment.

What is covered in this guide :

  • Welcome letter page: share a little bit about you and your expertise with a warm and inviting welcome letter
  • Meet the Team: Share a little bit about the team of experts you work directly with to help clients save time, money and mistakes. 
  • Remodel Estimates: Share the investment range from Good, Better, Best that is in 100% alignment with the services you provide. 
  • Room by Room Estimates: Share the investment range for furnishing, decor and more for each room of the house from Good, Better, Best that is in 100% alignment with the services you provide.