Lead Magnet Template: Course Creation Planner


Empower your clients in their quest to create impactful and profitable online courses with our Course Creation Planner. Tailored as a lead magnet or support resource for business coaches, this comprehensive toolkit is designed to guide your clients through every step of the course creation journey, from ideation to execution, ensuring they craft a compelling, marketable, and successful course.

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This Planner isn’t just a resource; it’s a robust tool that aids your clients in identifying their niche, understanding their audience, structuring their course content, and planning out the details of their course delivery.

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  • 100% customizable templates
  • A variety of designs, fonts, and colors to choose from
  • Easy to edit in Canva

As a business coach, your goal is to offer comprehensive support and guidance. This Course Creation Planner serves as a dynamic tool to attract potential clients while providing a tangible, actionable resource for those you’re already coaching.

What you’ll find inside: 

Equip your clients with essential tools for course creation:

  • Nail Your Niche & Skill Audit: Guide your clients and subscribers in performing a comprehensive skill audit to pinpoint their zone of genius. This essential step enables them to discover a course topic they’re passionate about, ensuring it’s not only engaging but also profitable.
  • Identify Dream Clients & Avatar Creation: Assist your clients and subscribers in creating a detailed dream client avatar. This strategic process ensures a precise understanding of the target audience, facilitating focused strategies to attract and engage with their ideal students.
  • Outline and Action Plan: Help your clients and subscribers craft a detailed course outline and action plan, providing a structured approach to course creation. This empowers them to visualize and plan their lessons, establishing a solid foundation for their course.
  • Plan Out the Course Details: Guide your clients and subscribers through the finer points of course development. Assist in defining the course name, determining pricing strategies, outlining delivery methods, and selecting the platform for optimal course accessibility and success.