Lead Magnet Template: Cleaning & Decluttering Planner


Empower your clients on their journey to an organized and clutter-free home with our Cleaning & Decluttering Planner. Designed as a lead magnet or support resource for professional organizers, this comprehensive toolkit serves as a catalyst for your clients to streamline their cleaning routines, conquer clutter, and maintain an organized space with ease.

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This comprehensive resource is more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for your clients to embrace the life they desire, streamline their day-to-day life, and discover the joys of an efficient well organized home, while discovering how you are in their corner to help them succeed.

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As a professional organizer, your goal is to offer not just immediate solutions, but ongoing support. This Cleaning & Decluttering Planner serves as a dynamic tool to attract and engage potential clients while providing a tangible and actionable resource for those you’re already working with.

Comprehensive Cleaning Tools:

Equip your clients with essential tools for efficient cleaning and decluttering:

  • Room-Specific Cleaning Tasks Checklist: Break down cleaning tasks by room to ensure no area is overlooked.
  • Chore Chart & Cleaning Schedule: Provide a structured guide for regular household chores and cleaning, aiding in maintaining a well-organized home.
  • Individual & Family Weekly Chores: Streamline tasks with weekly chores assigned to individuals and family tasks, fostering a shared responsibility in maintaining a clean space.
  • Daily Chore Checklist Worksheet: Offer a daily checklist to establish daily cleaning habits for consistent upkeep.
  • Decluttering Challenge & Monthly Overview: Encourage a decluttering journey and provide an overview to track progress and maintain motivation.