Are you living your brand? So many entrepreneurs spend countless hours and loads of money coming up with a brand that is not reflected in the way they live. The result… a disconnection from the people you are here to serve. 

This is why it is so important to build your brand around who you really are. When you do you naturally attract those who resonate the most with what you stand for. You attract customers who you will enjoy working with you, and who you will enjoy working with. And you alleviate the pressure you feel in trying to be clever by simply being genuinely you. 

So how do you live your brand? 

I have no doubt you are already doing it. You just need to get clear on how you are living it so you can begin to feel a stronger connection with your ideal customer.

Take a look at these questions to help you gain some clarity. 

  1. What are your core values? 
  2. Which concerns are you addressing with your product or service? 
  3. What need are you fulfilling? 
  4. How does your product or service fit into YOUR life? 

By answering these questions you gain clarity on the personality of your brand. You will also begin to create a stronger connection to your ideal customer, as they will have very similar answers. Here’s the really cool part…  the stronger the connection the more connected your customers will feel with you and your brand. 

It’s not just you…

Employees, community members, friends, and anyone who represents, promotes or even talks about your business should also be familiar with the personality of your business. This serves to strengthen your brand that much more, and create an even stronger connection with those you are meant to serve.

Some great ways to do this are to hire and collaborate with those who already have the same focus as you do. This includes those values, concerns, and needs. People who already can see how your products and/or services fit nicely into their own life. 

One final thought…

Society is always changing. Which means your customers are as well. Even you shift your focus from time to time.  This is all part of living your brand, and why it’s important to evaluate and re-evaluate your brand on a fairly regular basis. Simple changes without changing the overall message are needed to to maintain a level of relevance in your customer’s lives. By doing this you not only grow with your customers, you enable yourself to grow ahead of your customers.


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