Launch your website for maximum visibility!

When it comes to getting your business, services, products and name out into the world, there are few things that can do what a website can for you.  Your website is your store front to the internet world.  It is your welcome sign, and your vision.  Which is why it is so important to launch your website with enthusiasm!

All too often I will see new entrepreneurs put everything they have into creating a website, only to be too tired to get out there and share it fully with the world.  It is true that SEO can help you become more visible, as well as Google ads and other avenues, but nothing quite has the impact that your own personal energy and enthusiasm has.  And as I like to share with my clients…

Your website could be perfect,
but if no one sees it doesn’t matter.

So this week I thought I would share with you a few tips for launching your gorgeous new website with enthusiasm.  Even if your website is a few months, or maybe a year old!  If you haven’t done this things pay attention, and then get to work.


Share your website, your business and your vision with the world. Put it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other outlet you are active in. People love to know what you are up to, so share it!

Don’t be shy!

You have worked hard to accomplish your dreams so don’t start hiding now. Tell everyone you can about your new business and website, invite them to take look. Don’t be shy, and don’t think of it as bragging. You have taken an incredibly brave step into the future, hold onto that bravery and share freely.

Reach out to family and friends.

The reality is that our family and friends are likely not going to be our ideal customer.  That’s okay, they are someone else’s ideal customer and there is plenty of business to go around.  That being said, they love you and want you to succeed, so let them help you, and ask them to share!

List your website address on all business-related materials.

This includes business cards, flyers, post cards, graphics, email signature line. Want to really have fun?  Consider printing a car decal is a great inexpensive place to start with that.

Offer an enticing freebie.

Freebies, also known as opt-ins and lead magnets, are a great way to share what you are all about. And it is a great way to drive traffic back to your website as well as collect email addresses for your newsletter. And if you are looking for a little lead magnet inspiration, check out my most recent blog posts where I offer tips and insights into creating the lead magnets.

Keep an active newsletter flowing.

Connecting with your customers on a regular basis is a great way to develop a relationship as well as drive traffic back to your website.  I recommend sending out a newsletter 2 -4 times a month.  This allows you to connect on a regular basis, while also respecting your subscribers by not filling up their inbox.

A final friendly reminder…

Remember the more you get your website out there, the more popular your website will become and the more it will be seen! This is the best and most authentic way to connect with your ideal customers.

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