Tips for launching your website like a professional web designer.

You’ve built your own website, and now it is time to launch your DIY website for the world to see. First I want to say CONGRATULATIONS! Give yourself a high five, because you have just built your very own website and that is a HUGE accomplishment!

Now there are a few more things you can do to make sure your website is as amazing as you dreamed it would be. Or even more amazing! Take a look at these “must do” tasks to launch your DIY website like a pro!

Use it like a customer

You have been so caught up in communicating what you have to share with the world, it is possible you have disconnected from your ideal customer a bit. That’s okay, and actually pretty normal. You were focused on your message, and that is what you should have been doing. But now it is time to shift that focus.

Grab your laptop, head to your favorite coffee shop and order yourself a celebratory drink. Then settle in and start using your website like a customer. It may sound silly, but there is no better way to reconnect and get into the mindset of your customer than to pretend to be one for a while.

As you look through the pages of your website ask yourself, “Is this an easy comfortable experience?” If it is, GREAT! You have done your job really well. If there are things to tweak and change, GREAT, you are doing your job even better by making sure your customer’s experience is easy and comfortable.

View it on multiple devices

Many of the web design platforms are what they call responsive, which means that your website will respond to the device it is being viewed on so that it is easy to read and follow.

Even though this technology exists, it is still a good idea to actually review it from other devices. There may be images that become distorted, or wording that is hard to read because of how the background displays. Finding these little issues is normal and usually easy to resolve. And resolving them before your customer’s discover them is always a good thing!


I cannot tell you how many customers I have consulted with who procrastinate sharing their website with their customers. They review, tweak and adjust for weeks, sometimes months, and I have had a few who never share their website.

I get it. This is a very vulnerable moment to share something you have created, and to share what you are doing with the world. But it has to be done! You are making your corner of the world a better place after all, so create some social media posts, update those business cards, and get an email ready to send to your list.

Sharing Your Website Post Templates…

To help you share your website with the world I have created a few templates you can use with social media to get you started. Just copy, paste and make tweak to fit your business and personality style.


So I just built my own website, and I have to say, I am a little nervous to share it! I’m not a web designer after all, I am a [your job title], but I really wanted to be involved in the process and just felt compelled to build my website myself. Would you mind taking a peek and telling what you think? [your website address]


You are not going to believe this! Okay maybe if you know me really well you will, but still I just finished a HUGE project and can’t wait to share it with you! What is this huge project you ask? I BUILT MY OWN WEBSITE ?!!!!! It was such an incredible experience, challenging in so many ways, but now it is done and I get to share it with the world. Check it out at [your website address]! I would love to hear what you think!


The new website is done and I have to say this has been a labor of LOVE! I love the work I do, and I love the people I serve, and having this opportunity to share what I love in the pages of my very own website has been a challenge worth taking on! I would love to hear what you think of my new website. Check it out at [your website address].


EEEEKKKK! My New website is done! I have been waiting for this moment to share it with you and now it is here! Check it out at [your website address]

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