I hate blogging Do I really HAVE TO blog?

This is a question that has been coming up a lot lately, and so I thought today I would share my thoughts on blogging, and hopefully help out those who really hate blogging.

Blogging is a great way to share your passion, your mission and your voice with those who are looking for exactly what you have to share. And when it is authentic, it flows easily and effortlessly. But when it is forced, you may just be hurting your business more than helping it.

I know there are a ton of articles out there telling you the benefit of blogging and why you HAVE TO do it. I agree with those benefits, but keep in mind you only receive those benefits when what you are sharing offers value.

To post a blog just for the sake of posting is a big waste of time and effort. 

For those of you that hate blogging I encourage you to think about how much time you are truly wasting.  Think about the countless hours you spend at the keyboard trying to figure out what to write.  The stress these hours create, and what else you could be doing with that valuable time. Time is something we entrepreneurs often don’t have enough of, so why waste it doing something we hate that has little to no value?

Not convinced you should skip blogging? Think about this… When your words are forced and uncomfortable to write, they are going to be uncomfortable for others to read.  If you are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated while writing, your readers are going to feel that when trying to read it.  And most won’t make it past the first paragraph.

What do you think happens when someone leaves your website feeling uncomfortable or frustrated?  They don’t come back for more.

But the business coaches tell me I really have to blog.

I know there are quite a few business coaches out there telling you that you have to blog. Some say weekly, some even encourage twice a week. They are telling you to “suck it up” and get to typing. Plus, they give you schedules, tips and systems for making it “so easy.”

But have you looked to see how much they are blogging?  I have and I am here to tell you that many of them are not following their own scheduled, tips and systems.

And here is a little secret they aren’t sharing…

When you have something of value to share, the words flow easily.

It’s true! I myself used to spend hours upon hours trying to write the perfect blog post, many of which even I found painful to read. But all of that changed when I found my true passion, and my mission in life… Now I can pop out a blog post in less than 30 minutes and that includes the time it takes to proof read and find a cool image to help illustrate it.

Remember you are creating YOUR BUSINESS and this means you need to follow your rules. When you are ready to blog, you will know it!


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