Design Process

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Beautiful and high performing websites are the result of a carefully orchestrated process rooted in audience insights and strategic objectives.


Every project begins with us sitting down so I can get to know you, your business, and what you hope to achieve in the future. We’ll also touch on your comfort level when it comes to technology. Love it, can’t live without it, or hate it? It’s important for me to know these things so I can support you in the way that would be the most helpful and impactful.

Brand, Content & Design Strategy.

As we move into this next stage, our goal is to lay a solid foundation for your website. We’ll talk about your brand and how you want your audience to feel and perceive it. Here, we’ll identify key branding visuals  that would enhance the user experience

Website Design & Build.

By far my favorite stage of any design project, it’s where I get to flex my creative muscle and transform ideas and vision into a beautiful, responsive, and high-performing WordPress or Squarespace website in line with your brand. 

Testing & On-Site SEO.

At this stage of your new website project, I’ll be reviewing and testing your site on multiple devices to experience “live” a fully functional design, and address any concerns that may arise. I will also configure on-site SEO to make sure we get some lovin’ from Google.

Website Launch.

The day we’ve all been waiting for! After I undergo a series of final checks and install tracking tools, your shiny new website with gorgeous visuals and user-friendly functionality is ready to go live.


Did you think we’re done here? I won’t leave your site just yet. In fact, while you’re busy making connections with new website visitors and your new website across various channels, I begin preparing your website information booklet to help you manage your new site going forward. I’ll also configure 24/7 website monitoring and schedule continual check-ups as needed.

Bold Ideas, Strong Coffee, Memorable Results.

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