January 7, 2020

Creating Success with an Inventory of Your Tech

Start off the year off on solid ground with an inventory of your tech!

One of the best ways I have found to set myself up for success and abundance it to do a quick inventory and review of all the tech I subscribe to and pay for.  There are a lot of amazing tools out there to make our lives easy and our business more efficient. The trouble is that we often sign up for tools and technical resources that overlap with others, or that we never use. Sure we plan to use it “soon” or “someday“, and as you know “soon” and “someday” hardly ever come.

All of this unused and poorly used tech creates clutter in our daily lives, and strain on our businesses, not to mention a money drain that does not supporting us, our personal or business goals.

So today we are going take a close look at our the technology and identify exactly what it does. On page one of your worksheet, list out all the tech you are currently paying for.

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Now that you have a list of what you have it is time to place it in one of 4 categories. This is going to give you more clarity on what you need to keep and what you can get rid of now.

Important and Not In Use

So the first question I have to ask is, if it is so important why aren’t you using it? To spend money on something of great value and importance and not use it is a huge disservice you you, your business and your success! So, if it really is that important then it is time to make a plan and implement it. And if you don’t have time then pay someone to implement it. You will never find the extra minutes to implement unless you make it a priority so find the way you can make it a priority.

Really cool and Not In Use

So you stumbled upon a really awesome deal on some really cool technology. You don’t have time to implement it now, but the deal is just too good to pass up! You buy it now, knowing you’ll have to renew in a month, or six months or a year, and decided to use the upcmoning renewal deadline as a motivation to implement it into your business systems. Does this sound familiar? I have been there myself, and can say with confidence that my “someday” to implement never came.

The truth is that if you haven’t started using it right away, you probably won’t use it at all. And when the time comes that you truly are ready to use it there is probably something cooler to use. Don’t limit your options or drain your bank account on something that you might use “someday.”

Important and In Use

This is a no brainer. You keep it. But first make sure it is truly important. To do this you’ll want to be able to say yes to at least two of these statements.

  • Does it make your life easier?
  • Has it make business operations more efficient?
  • Does it make business operations more secure?

Really Cool and In Use

This is a little trickier, as not everything that is really cool and in use is actually a smart investment. So take a look at the resources you have an ask yourself these questions…

  • Is it affordable?
  • Is there an obvious return on investment?
  • Does it support my overall business goals and operations?
  • Is it overlapping with some other tech you subscribe to?

A great example of this is from the book Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield Thomas. In her book, Denise shares how she decided to have an app designed for your followers to track their money. The cost of developing this app was about $15k, and that was just the iPhone version.  Soon after development, Denise realized that this app, while a fabulous idea that supported her followers, did not fit with her overall business goals, as she only offered free and high dollar services. To stick with her overall business goals and processes she decided to offer the app for free, which gave her no return on investment. In addition, to all this, there was only an iPhone version of the app, meaning only a portion of her followers could benefit from it. The fact that the app was really cool (speaking from my own experience) did little to support her business.


Time to Inventory Your Tech!

Download the worksheet below (no email required, just totally free because I like you!). Start making a list of the technology resources you are paying for. Go through your inbox, your bank statements and anything else to make sure you have discovered every single item. Then take sometime identifying which category each one really belongs in. You don’t have to do anything more with your list today. Just make it. Next week we will dive into taking action and decluttering what you don’t need.

Click here to download your worksheet! 

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