Take your website visitors on a visual journey.

As the days get shorter, and our schedules get busier, we find ourselves struggling to keep up with everything around us. The very idea of having to read anything in depth may just send us over the edge, and we aren’t alone in this. Our customers and website visitors are feeling the same way. This time of year is busy for most of us, and so why not help each other out by simplifying what we put out in the world. One way to do this is to create a visual journey.

By creating a visual journey within the pages of our website, we are able to share what it is that we do, in a beautiful way. Here are a few tips to help you create your own visual story.

Be original.

If you can take your own images, ones that are clear and of good quality, use them. Nothing will tell the story better than real life genuine photos. If, getting your own images isn’t possible, devote time to looking for stock images that will demonstrate the originality you bring to your target market. (Check out this post Free Stock Photo Websites Worth Checking Out for a few of my favorite stock image websites. 

Strive for an emotional response.

When we feel emotions to what we see before us, we feel a stronger connection. This is true for your customers. Think about the type of emotions you want them to feel when they visit your website and look for images that reflect these emotions.

Include people.

Use images who resemble your target market, making the images more relatable to your website visitors. As a bonus, when those who need what you have to offer can imagine themselves using your services, they are more likely to invest in your services.

Behind the scenes.

Give them a look at the behind the scenes operations of your company. Those connecting with you want to believe that you are a real life person. Seeing the polished put together version of you and your business is great, but it isn’t always relatable. So show them what things look like on the other side so they know you are a lot like them.


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