Writing Your Rough Draft

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup

AI prompt: 

Copy and paste the following prompt into your favorite AI Tool such as ChatGPT, and fill in the necessary information about you, your business and your clients. 

I am working on writing a blog post for my website to connect with my target audience. This blog post should be 

  • Informational, conversational, how-to, etc. 
  • Speak specifically about my (what about your business you wish to highlight)
  • And invite the reader to (schedule a discovery call, check out my lead magnet, visit my store, etc.)

My topic is insert the topic you selected from your initial AI research.


Be sure to ALWAYS update the rough draft to fit your voice. This will create the Google Friendly content that will help your blog get noticed and not hurt your SEO efforts. 

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