What to include in your email

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup

Well written emails to your subscribers is feeding your pipeline for tomorrow!

While email may be a long game it has never failed to bring new clients to the door. And the beauty of regular emails is that you are building relationships with your audience in a more personal way that has the potential to last for years! 

Here is what you should include in the email you send promoting your latest blog post... 

  • Friendly greeting using their first name. This personalizes the message making it feel friendly from the start 
  • A story related to the blog that helps you be seen as personable and friendly
  • A brief description about what they will learn, discover, find in the blog post you are sharing 
  • A link directly to the new blog post 
  • A link directly to the portfolio referenced in the blog post 
  • A friendly closing including an invitation to reply or schedule a discovery call to connect 

Most important thing to remember... 

Emails are all about building relationships with the members of your audience, so always write them with this in mind and you will create incredible connections that last. 

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