Researching Blog Topics

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup

Before you start asking questions, take a little time setting up your AI conversation with the direction you wish to go by sharing more about you, your business your clients and what you are looking for.... 

AI prompt: 

Copy and paste the following prompt into your favorite AI Tool such as ChatGPT, and fill in the necessary information about you, your business and your clients. 

I am working on developing a blog to showcase my own expertise my business and connect with my target audience.

  • I am a (business title/occupation)
  • Our tagline is: (business tagline)
  • I provide (services you offer)
  • My typical client is... (add in the basic details you listed above)
  • I am looking for content ideas related to...  (share some ideas of what you'd like to write about)
  • I would like to blog topics to help highlight this (service you want to highlight)

Can you give me 3 blog topic ideas that would resonate with my target audience? 

If you don't like the topics offered, ask for more and use additional guided questions to hone in on the blog topic you would like to focus on. 

Additional things you can share in your AI prompt... 

Interior Design Prompts

Interior Designers: 

  • My design style is...
  • I want to focus on (what area of the home/office)
  • I want to focus on (young families, empty nesters, etc.)

Business Coach Prompts

Business Coaches: 

  • My specialty is (profitability, business systems, etc.) 
  • I primarily coach (solopreneurs, service providers, online merchants, etc.) 
  • My clients are (new to business, seasoned pros, upleveling, etc. 

Life Coach Prompts

Life Coaches: 

  • My specialty is (mindset, health & nutrition, etc.) 
  • I primarily coach (women, body builders, new moms, etc.) 
  • I want to focus on (young families, empty nesters, etc.)

Professional Organizer Prompts

Professional Organizers: 

  • My organizing style is...
  • I want to focus on (what area of the home/office)
  • I work directly with (young families, empty nesters, etc.
Next lesson we will write our rough draft using AI tools and additional guided questions/prompts. 

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