First Impressions Matter: Mastering the Art of the Welcome Email

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup
One of the best questions I ever received from one of my staff members was, "Hey boss... how would you like for me to install the warm fuzzy feeling?"

What he was getting at is, what steps did I want him to take to help our new clients feel welcomed and valued from the initial contact.

A warm welcome to your new clients will establish rapport, enhance customer satisfaction, and differentiate your business, leading to positive word-of-mouth, customer loyalty, and a strong brand image.

The easiest and simplest way to do this is to send a welcome email as soon as possible.

To start building a solid relationship you want your welcome email to...
  • Be warm and personalized
  • Express gratitude
  • Set clear expectations of what is next
  • Provide access to necessary resources
  • Offer a call-to-action (portal access, schedule kickoff call, gather information, etc.) 
  • Personalized from you or the person they will be working with most
  • Closing that reinforces your excitement about working with the client

In this video we'll explore how to create a warm and engaging message that sets the tone for a successful client relationship.

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