Digging Deeper AI Prompts

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup

Additional AI Prompts

These are the additional questions you will ask to gain specific knowledge. Don't allow yourself to limited by just these questions. Treat this next part of the exercise as a conversation with an intelligent person who has the knowledge you are looking for, and willing to share. 

Questions to ask your AI Research Tool... 
  • What specific color suggestions do you have including color names and hex codes
  • What specific fonts would you suggest?
  • What types of images would capture the brand I am creating? 
  • What icons and graphics would you recommend? 

Additional things you can share to enhance the value of the responses AI shares: 

  • The core values of your business and clients 
  • How your brand has evolved over the years 
  • Where your brand visuals will be displayed (online, printed materials, store front, etc.) 
  • How your brand aligns with your mission and vision. 

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