Developing Your Marketing Materials

Brand Awareness is Everything!
Created for you by our CEO/Founder Teresa Schlup

Using the updated final draft of your blog post you can now use AI tools to help you collect the rest of your marketing materials. 

Questions to ask... 

  • Can you recommend the ideal images we should use for this blog post on our website? 
  • Can you write two different emails I can send to my email subscribers that drives traffic back to this blog post to encourage they read it. 
  • Can you write 7 social media captions that I could use to drive traffic back to my blog post. Please include emojis and hashtags? 
  • Can you draft a 90 second script for a video that would highlight this blog post?

  • Can you offer 5 short video topic ideas (1 - 3 minutes) that relate to this blog post?

  • Can you write a short Live video script for each of these topics, keeping with in the 1 - 3 minute mark.

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