5 Tips for Connecting Quickly with Your Website Visitors

If you’ve been following me at all, you have probably heard me say often that your website is your front door to the online world. It’s true, and sadly many times our website visitors never make it past the threshold. They hover at the entrance, scanning our home page for what it is they are looking for. We want our visitors to come inside, peruse our other pages and learn more about what we do and how we can enrich their corner of the world.  The key is connecting quickly with your website visitors.

By creating an instant connection, one that they would like to take further, you are laying the foundation for more. Take a look at these 5 tips to help you get them through the door, and visiting others pages to learn more.

1. Avoid the temptation to be clever.

Using clever or terminology is tempting, especially when you are working towards establishing yourself as an industry expert. But it is not going to help you make connections. People are coming to you to help them solve something within their life, not confuse them. And if they feel lost or confused at all, they are that much more likely to click the back button.

2. Get to the point and be specific.

Have you ever asked someone, “what do you do,” only to receive a long eloquent well rehearsed statement that left more confused? That is how your clients feel when you share your own long lengthy eloquent rehearsed statement. For example, if I were to say…

I help others showcase their talents, strengths and unique gifts for the world to see in the most innovative and gorgeous ways online.

You would probably scratch your head and say, “What?” But when I say…

I design gorgeous websites that work as hard as you do.

You instantly know what I do. So do your website visitors a favor and get to the point.

3. Format text for easy reading

When someone lands on your website, they want to know what you do and how you can help them, and they want to know this quickly. If they can’t find this information quickly, they will probably click the back button. This is where formatting becomes your friend, especially if you have a lot to share.

Those long lengthy descriptive paragraphs probably won’t be read. Instead find ways to condense what you are sharing, into easy-to-digest bits. Use headings, lists, and short to-the-point sentences to help your website visitors grasp what you are offering as they scan through your website. And if longer descriptions are needed, you can always invite them to “learn more.” 

4. Create Clear Call to Actions

Your website visitors are on your website because they are ready to take action, or at least considering it. So why not make it easy by giving them a clear call to action. This could be a free consultation, or if you are looking to build a mailing list it could be something like a free guide or a mini video series. Whatever it is, make sure it is clear, and instantly visible when they land on your website.

A note on those freebies you offer. While it is true you don’t want to give away your products and services for free, you do want to offer a freebie that if valuable, and not just a lot of fluff. Take a look at this post that shares some common Lead Magnet Traps to Avoid.

5. Offer instant value that has them wanting more.

Nothing creates a strong connection like instant value. The trick is to offer enough value that has them wanting more. In doing so, you are literally opening your front door and welcoming your visitors into your shop.

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