Capture Your Website Visitors Attention Before They Click Away

Today we are talking all about your home page, and how important it is to grab your website visitors attention right away.

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When it comes to building our websites, the home page is the place where we like to squish everything! Our mission, products/services, hours of operation, contact information, freebies and just about anything else we feel is vital to our business.

But squishing all of this together can get a bit overwhelming. Especially if we are trying to make it all visible at first glance. On the other end of the extreme, I have seen where business owners choose to keep their home page clean and simple, and often times a little too simple. We may see a great picture, maybe a clever quote that means something to them, and a newsletter sign up but not much else.

Both approaches create confusion, and increase your chances of someone clicking away, even when they may be looking for exactly what you have to offer! So today I am sharing with you my #1 tip of website engagement …

The 5 second rule of engagement! 

Now I know I have some Mel Robbins fans out there, and her 5 second rule is great. This is slightly different. The 5 second rule of engagement is simple. You have 5 seconds to capture your website visitors attention. If you don’t give them what they are looking for right away the likelihood of them clicking away and going some where else is high.

Why? We are in an immediate gratification world and overwhelmed with messages out there. Which is why we can’t take the time to absorb everything we see. So we search for the highlights and hold onto what grabs our attention best.

If your website isn’t grabbing their attention as something they need right away, they are probably going to click away and never come back.

Remember… Knowledge is Power!

I know that this little tidbit may have you feeling a little overwhelmed and stressed, but honestly it is a gift of knowledge. Knowing you have such a short window of time to connect with your website visitors give you the opportunity to fine tune your home page making sure that your ultimate vision is there for the world to see, and to see if in 5 seconds or less!

Using the 5 Second Rule of Engagement to your advantage

Step 1: Own your vision!

Whatever your vision, your mission is… own it and be proud. You could be designing ultra soft leg warmers, writing how-to books or making your own wine. All of those things make people happy in the world, which translate to making the world a little happier.

Step 2: Share your vision 

And now that you own your vision and mission in the world, share it in the simplest terms possible. Don’t try to be clever, or witty. Get to the point and make it clear! For example, my mission is to help as many solo entrepreneurs as possible have incredible websites that work FOR THEM and their business. Websites that are affordable, easy to maintain and make their life easier. So in large letters on my home page you see my mission…

Filling the small biz world with gorgeous websites that work as hard as you do through website design & consulting.

That is what I do and it is also my 60 second (or 10 second really) sales pitch! As a bonus, I give you a button to schedule a free call with me right below it. I then follow that up with …

As a small business owner you deserve to have a website that is gorgeous, easy to maintain, efficient and affordable!

Of course you can scroll down further and see more details about what I offer. Many people do, but the scrolling is an act meant to absorb more information and nothing more because they already know what I do.


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