Creating business branding that is all about YOU!

One of the things I notice first when working with a new entrepreneur is their business branding.  More accurately their lack of branding.  What I find is that in our efforts to create something fun, unique and different, we create a brand that is forever changing!

A pretty common issue, and one that I experienced myself in the early stages of my life as an entrepreneur.  It is also something that is super easy to fix.  Take a look at these two key areas which help  create a brand that is all about you!

Your signature colors ~

When it comes to branding color is one of the areas that speaks volumes to your potential clients, and it goes way beyond that moment of saying, "Well my favorite color is..."

Don't get me wrong... your favorite color is a great place to start. As you will be looking at these colors on a daily basis, and you want to love the colors you choose.  You also want colors that represent you and your business.  These could be anything from the fun and funky to a healing calm.  

Take a look at these examples:

Business Branding - Inspirational Web Designs by Teresa
Business Branding - Inspirational Web Designs by Teresa

You also want to avoid the "close enough" pitfall.  When you do not take the time to color match your branding colors from website, to social media and your marketing materials, your clients will notice.  They may not know exactly what is off, but they will know something is off.

A great reference site for creating your perfect business branding colors is  Here you can choose from literally hundreds of created palettes as well as make your own, and it is totally free! Color Hex also provides you with the details of your colors including the hex code, RGB and more. This ensures your color matching is guaranteed.

Choose a Font ~

Choosing a set of fonts is a simple way to create consistency in everything from your website to social media image posts, to printed materials. Standard fonts often vary, depending what software application we use.  So, some entrepreneurs will choose to  stick with the safety net Arial, Verdana or Calibri.  These are great fonts, but not always great when you want to stand out more.

When it is time to stand out, the fonts available vary even more than the standards, and the choices can feel endless at times.  Plus, not all fonts work in all formats.  Some fonts are only available in a few platforms, which means you can't use them everywhere.

This can all get overwhelming and confusing but it doesn't have to be. Check out this post from where they share 20 unique font combinations that will work in most platforms and software applications ~ Build Your Brand: How to Choose The Right Fonts.

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