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When I saw the website she designed for me for the first time, I truly thought I was looking at someone else amazing business. The first thought/feeling I had been “yeah- I want to work with this lady, who is she? What can she do for me? … I want a website like this….” Then it took a minute to realize “Holy Crap- that’s me!!!” In that moment I realized my own potential, Teresa showed me how the rest of the world can and will see me as a credible business women and BodyTalk Practitioner whose services get results!"


Christal Gress, Christal Clear Designs

Teresa's step by step process and communication made it so easy to work with her. I love my new website. She did an amazing job with layout, colors, font style, etc. Teresa definitely captured my vibe!

Teresa is easy to talk to which allows you to be honest about yourself and your business. She was able to capture all that I am about and have my new website reflect that.

If you are looking for a website to reflect you and the business you want to attract, I highly recommend her.

Christal Gress

Interior Designer | christalcleardesign.com

Web Designs by Teresa is phenomenal!
So easy to work with and went out of her way to make sure I was satisfied. She made one sheets for my speaking career so I can hand them out to future planners. She does high quality work. Highly highly recommend Teresa!

Jo Hausman

Speaker, Author, Coach, International Talk Radio Show Host
Author or
 Go For It

I was thrilled with Teresa throughout the whole process.  I was giddy with my colors, my new logo, and branding and over the top excited that my website was beginning to function the way I envisioned but couldn't get any further.  Most of all when I talk with Teresa I feel as if I am catching up with a very talented, and supportive friend; because I am.

There were things I was not expecting at all.  It was difficult to make the move to hire someone for various reasons.  But it was the very best thing for me.  I have someone to push me forward, to bounce ideas off of.  I have done so many things that I can be proud of so that someone will see the value in what I can do.

Most of all, I received clarity on how to market with focus.  Before I was posting willy-nilly with no real plan.  And you know what that means!  I used to spend so much time failing at my social media.  To quote the Beatles "It's getting better all the time."  Yes, Teresa, it's playing on my Alexa at the moment! DAILY! LOL!

I was excited to pay Teresa every month!  It was a pleasure, because of the value.

What surprised me the most was that I would have such clarity and focus.  I feel I have grown as a business owner during this process; because I have more time to work on things I didn't have the time or space for previously.

I look forward to our monthly catch-up meetings, they keep me moving in the right direction.  It's accountability in a weird way.  I often do things for others that I don't do for myself.

Much love and blessing, Fran

Fran Kemerling

Interiors with Panache | InteriorswithPanache.com

Teresa has a down-to-earth personality that is very comfortable and professional to work with and we always seem to be on the same page working towards the same goals.

She has much more than knowledge of how to create a fabulous website. She has small business and marketing knowledge that really helps new business owners focus on what needs to done and when.

Teresa has a pain-free, documented process to work with you to create a website you can be proud of. She really listens to who you are, what you need and how she can help you achieve your goals. Teresa also provides support for an entire year which was a key reason I chose her over a local marketing firm to create my website. I chose Teresa who was over 1000 miles away and only on video over a local firm about 5 miles away.


Teresa's approach to creating a customized website made the process less daunting and actually a very enjoyable process. She is a problem solver that exudes a calm presence through every aspect of the development process. Her initial questions were thought-provoking, enough to give me a deeper level of clarity of purpose, to reimagine my vision and reset goals relevant to my own business plan.

The process is so effortless, and the follow-through exceeds your expectations so immensely, that you walk away wondering why you didn't work on your website sooner. 

The year of support that comes with her package is unique and truthfully gives me great comfort. I know that she has oversight of the website and continues to make any changes, tweaks or additions are made. Teresa stands behind her product and genuinely takes care of her clients.

Jamie Price, Design Compass

Teresa is a fun, thoughtful and insightful professional who actually listens, and is an excellent interpreter to design my website. I've been in business for over 20 years, had a website designer for many years, my website was very outdated and then created my own on WIX. I hired Teresa when I followed her on Facebook lives and just smiled. I knew she was the person to help me. In our second meeting I knew I gave myself an excellent investment. She is proactive, organized and brilliant. I cannot wait to go through her process to bring out the best of me and how I work with clients to be highlighted on my new website. I know I'll be proud of my website, the first reveal of her initial design just made me so happy. Book a discovery call with Teresa, you won't regret it!

Jamie Price

Interior Designer | Designcompass.net

Melissa Connolly - Authentic Interiors

Throughout the entire year, she keeps me approsed of any issues with my site and focused on what needs to updated. And her knowledge goes beyond my website into other areas of marketing that I need to understand. I also get many compliments on my website from industry vendors.

Melissa Connolly

Authentic Interiors | authinteriors.com

Before I hired Teresa to help me with my website, I had designed one on my own. It was … okay… I worked really hard on it, invested a ridiculous amount of time learning the platform, and when I finished it…frankly, I wasn’t really proud of it, it was just something I got to check off my list.

My website sat like that for over a year… I didn’t share it, promote it, it was done if someone asked.

My business coach connected with Teresa and I knew after our first meeting she “got me” … instant trust. The tools she had developed (basically a lot of thought provoking questions) helped me really think about my business and myself. Teresa’s caring and inquisitive personality was motivating. After a few meetings with her I began to realize, this was much more than just designing a website, she was coaching me through envisioning my business graphically.

She not only created a website that is was a true representation of the “real me” … It had an amazing impact on my business overall. We worked on “telling my story” on the website and with my story being fully developed and gleaned, I found myself eager to share it with my clients during our meetings, as well as when I am networking with other people. Who Knew? 

Do yourself and your potential clients a favor, hire Teresa to design your website. I wish I would have found her sooner. 

Michelle McNally

Design Evolution Group | DesignEvolutionGroup.com 

Omg Teresa ever since you showed me my website things have been moving fast! I am forever indebted to you for everything!"

Jamie Sterk

Wounded Healer Recovery | woundedhealerrecovery.com



Joe Eberhard

Legacy Carpet Service | legacycarpetservice.com

I cannot say enough about Teresa! She has been able to improve my existing website in so many ways. The work she has done has absolutely exceeded my expectations. I feel like I'm not paying her enough! Teresa was able to help me create an online presence that reflects my personality and integrity. Teresa has great ideas for tying together my website, blog posts, email blasts and social media posts. She has been able create something special for my business that I knew I wanted but didn't have the skill set or understanding to obtain on my own.

Having Teresa handle my website has freed up so much of my time! Now I can concentrate on the part of my business I love: helping busy families get organized!

Having someone who can make suggestions about improving your business in ways you hadn't even thought of is a wonderful gift. She is more than a great web designer. She is full of business experience, ideas and inspiration. Thank you Teresa!!

Crystal Nerpel 

Loving Your Home Club | lovingyourhomeclub.com

My website tells the story of our rich history as a small business in a small town! Highly recommend Teresa if you're looking for someone who can create a professional website! I'm a gym owner and Teresa helped me create a website that tells the story of our rich history as a small business in a small town!


Victory Gym | victorygymia.com

She reassured me and had the knowledge of how to bring what I had already painstakingly created with my website and design quiz to the level I needed. She recognized the potential my design quiz had and had the resources to get it where it needed to be.  

Teresa is fun, engaging, and has the sparkle in her eye when she knows we are creating something special that is unique to me and my business. Because of Teresa's knowledge in website design, we were able to make my website more robust for my future goals.

I feel cared for by the tools she implements to keep my website safe and trouble free.  Bottom line, Teresa takes care of your website long after the design of it.  I highly recommend Teresa to anyone looking for a website designer.

Susan Brandjord

Ellie Ann's Interior Design | ellieanns.com

Teresa not only delivers information to make the most of your website and tools, but awakens a desire to take control of your own success and that is empowering. The value far exceeds the cost.

Emily Pogue | Freelance Writer

 Ok. She is amazing! She actually listens & cares & coaches. I had a call with Teresa and she provided me with a doable action plan and a replay of our call. Above. And Beyond. Thank you!

Cari Tryon |CT Coaching

I have had the pleasure working with Teresa for my website, and it was the BEST decision I have made for my business by far!  She was able to “get me” right away and portray that in my web design.  When I first saw my website, I literally cried because it was so impactful for me. 

So many website developers promise quick fixes for your website but are not really looking out for what is best for your branded business.  They do not look at the long term that is needed in your website design.  I started out needing a pretty standard website, but Teresa took the time to know where I wanted my business to go long term and built my website to accommodate those dreams for my website when I was ready to incorporate them Which, luckily for me, happened within a few weeks to months, not years.  She also made sure that she used the best features that have proven to stand up to the test of time.

Teresa, is always ready to help me with any of my needs as my business changes and grows.  I highly recommend Teresa for any of your website needs. 

Nicole Schmidt

Life Coach  |  https://livingthroughtheschmidts.com

My website is the front door to my service-based company.
Often it is one of the first points of contact with my clients, so it is vital that my site looks professional, is easy to navigate and communicates the integrity of my business. Teresa created a site for me does all of that.

I tried to build and maintain my site on my own but quickly became frustrated at the amount of time I was spending on it – time that should have been spent on actual work for my company. Having Teresa redo my site and maintain it has been such a relief. It has given me the freedom to focus on other aspects of my business!

Teresa’s technical background along with her business knowledge enable her to create  beautiful sites that not only look good but are also geared toward your specific, business needs. She has wonderful, creative ideas for your website and offers fantastic suggestions on how to promote your business on social media which ultimately drives more traffic to your site. And, more traffic to your site means more business for you! I highly recommend Teresa. Working with her has been fun and easy, and I’m so thankful to have her overseeing my website.

Betty Hilliard

Mainstay Editorial  |  MainstayEdit.com

Teresa recently designed a website for my real estate business, and I am so impressed with her work. She was a delight to work with, always attentive to my specific wants and needs throughout the process. The result is an attractive site that is also user-friendly. I would recommend Teresa to anyone looking to create a great professional website.

Sherry Knutson

Berkshire Hathaway Realty | SherryKnutsonRealEstate.com

Teresa's website design far exceeded my expectation on every front. 
The end product is a beautiful website. Teresa walked me through the process and made me aware of things that I would have been missing. This has been such a pleasurable experience for me.

Michael Kane 

Kane Solutions Consulting Services  |  Kane-Solutions.com

Teresa Schlup has more than exceeded my expectations on her expertise. She’s also incredibly easy to work with. I first learned about Teresa’s website services on Nancy Ganzekaufer’s Website Wednesdays

I knew I had a big problem with my website and it was getting worse. My current website developer wasn’t being responsive and I just had no idea who to trust to fix it.

After listening to Teresa’s educational insights on Websites Wednesdays, getting to know her and her vast knowledge and passion for creating and maintaining websites, I decided to make a switch. I knew it was not going to be an easy transition, but Teresa was totally up to the task.

I love working with her and trust that she always has my best interests in mind. In addition to being upbeat and pleasant to work with, she really cares about the results.

I’m so impressed with Teresa’s service and support and recommend her without reservation!

Courtenay Day Becker

CDB Home Interiors | cdbhome.COM

Teresa at Web Design cares about her clients, and their success.
She took the time to get to know me and my vision for a website to enhance my writing career. She listened to my ideas and took the time to research the market place to help me incorporate ideas to create a professional website that stands out from the crowd. Teresa keeps on top of the ever changing technology field. Knowing she is available to help me keep my website up to date gives me the peace of mind and helps me concentrate on my dream, writing books for others to enjoy.  

Rosemarie Ross 

Author of the Courtney Archer Mystery Series  |  RosemarieRoss.com

I don’t always have time for a testimonial, but I do have time for a flat out over the moon BRAG!!! 

Just like Teresa, I am a 1 women business owner/operator, mother, and community volunteer. Just like Web Designs by Teresa, my company puts clients first. All the background work such as administrative duties, marketing, bookkeeping, client record keeping, scheduling appointments, receptionist, etc. is done between clients. Then there is family and volunteer time which to both Teresa and me is not negotiable. So it is critical that my administrate work is organized and efficient! HENCE MY GORGEOUS PRACTICAL WEBSITE!

Teresa designed a website for me that handle my marketing, scheduling, and payments. That’s just the functional side of it. Teresa took the time to get to know me, my services as a healer, my dreams & goals, and business potential. She inspired me to level up my business. It’s scary to get out of the comfort zone, here’s what happened when I did under Teresa’s program.

When I saw the website she designed for me for the first time, I truly thought I was looking at someone else amazing business. The first thought/feeling I had been “yeah- I want to work with this lady, who is she? What can she do for me? … I want a website like this….” Then it took a minute to realize “Holy Crap- that’s me!!!” In that moment I realized my own potential, Teresa showed me how the rest of the world can and will see me as a credible business women and BodyTalk Practitioner whose services get results!

Every small business needs this kind of guidance! I have even signed up to continue to work with Teresa and her coach package so that I can continue my marketing in order to expand into more markets.

Susie Buck

Reiki Master/BodyTalk Practitioner  |  susiebuck.COM